I have been given a hard time lately for not posting anything on my blog in a while. It has been a couple of years, and I have a great excuse for the first year or year and a half… but it has also been pointed out to me that I don’t have a decent excuse for the last year, except that after so long what do you say?

I will start with excuses… I had a mTBI (mild traumatic brain injury, although mild did not describe the experience) in August 2012, (yes it was horse related) and was off work for about a year.  When I did return, I still dealt with constant headaches and it was especially difficult when I would read, think hard, and look at bright lights which explains why I didn’t write for the first year and a half.

I can now read and think for the most part without giving myself a headache, and enough people look at what I am writing enough to notice the lack, so here I am.

There is a lot to say about my accident, injury and recovery, but I will do that another time. Right now I am focused on this year, and the exciting things that are coming.  We are in the final stages of filing for our non-profit status for Stone Creek Reflections,  with  the mission of partnering with horses to bring about change and help people meet their goals.  We plan to work with youth, families, individuals and groups, working with horses to learn life skills, conflict resolution, overcoming obstacles, etc.

This summer Stone Creek Reflections will be offering week long day camps to youth from the area. One will be a life skills camp, the others will be determined next week.

My mare and I are going to be having our first full season showing in the NRHA in Michigan. We are working very hard, learning TONS and realizing how much we still have to learn.

We recently purchased a brood mare and are preparing to welcome a foal to Stone Creek Ranch in the spring of 2016.

We have several new boarders who have joined us over the fall and winter, and we look forward to getting to know them as we enjoy our horses together.

We will be hosting our 2nd annual GLASS-ED sanctioned dressage schooling show in August, and we will be hosting a clinic in September for horse owners in the area who want to build skills and confidence at the canter (this is also great for those who have not yet cantered).

Seeing this list brings up again gratitude that I am one of the lucky ones who experienced a recovery enough that I can again ride, work and spend quality time with the ones I love and the ones I have yet to meet.

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