img_8630_1120468Michelle Wrubel, Trainer

Ranch manager and trainer Michelle Wrubel began riding and showing at the age of 11 and has trained professionally since 2004. She completed a B.S. in animal science at Michigan State University, and she continues to be a student  of the horse, studying under many great trainers and veterinarians, including Dr. Robert Bowker, Dr. Rob van Wessum, Ruth Alison, Ken McNabb, Charles Thornton, Mary Luther and Sharon Davis, to learn as much as possible about Equine health and behavior. Her main focus has been in dressage and reining. She has also studied Equine Assisted Therapy with EAGALA and Natural Lifemanship. Michelle is a certified professional coach whose focus is on working with survivors of Traumatic Brain Injury and their families. During her own journey with TBI following a horse training accident in 2012, Michelle worked with an iPEC certified coach and found tremendous value in the process. She came away stronger and more confident than before.  Her vision now is to work with brain injury patients and their families to help them navigate the challenges of prolonged recovery, learning to have peace and hope in the face of adversity.  Her work as a trainer and instructor focuses on helping riders break free from worry and fear, becoming confident and empowered in horsemanship and in life.


wanda-and-docWanda Mutschler – Leadership and Wellness Coach

Stone Creek Ranch co-owner, Wanda Mutschler is a Core Dynamics Specialist in leadership development and wellness. She is also co-owner with her husband of a communication company. With 38 years in small business, a volunteer group leader for victims of abuse, and a lifetime with horses, she believes horses help people in all aspects of their life.

As a 10 year certified EAGALA equine specialist, a certified wellness coach and training in trauma recovery, she has partnered with mental health professionals to bring a unique and highly successful form of therapy to children and adults.

Being a Certified Leadership Development Coach and a certified specialist with Equine Experiential Education (E3A) she holds corporate trainings in Professional development focusing on team building, communication, conflict, etc.

Wanda is also founder and Executive Director of a non-profit that partners with the ranch to help at-risk youth and their families be able to afford the therapy and coaching they need to become self-reliant individuals and take positive control of their lives both personally and professionally.