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Stone Creek Ranch will be hosting a Natural Lifemanship training!

Fundamentals Training – May 19th – 21st, Stone Creek Ranch, Clarksville, MI – Natural Lifemanship

Natural Lifemanship’s TF-EAP is founded on the modern neurobiology research that has given rise to trauma-informed care in mental health and human services. Your trainers will be Reccia Jobe and Kathleen Choe (subject to change). The training is from 9 to 5 each day.





Programs we currently offer:

New Horse Owners class – This class will run every Tuesday evening from June 21-July 26. If you have recently purchased a horse or are considering purchasing a horse this class is for you.  We will go over how much it costs to purchase and maintain a horse, what you need to know about feeding and caring for a horse, how to set up your barn, or find the right boarding barn for you, and much more.  Avoid the common costly mistakes that many new owners make. Educate yourself and move forward with confidence.  To register or if you have questions please call Michelle at 616-437-5691.

After School Program – Geared toward middle schoolers, this program gives students a chance to experience life on the farm, and all that it entails.  Groups of 3 students are teamed up with an experienced instructor. They will experience all aspects of caring for a horse, including feeding, cleaning, exercising, making small repairs and first aid care where it applies.  They will also experience teamwork, learning to have fun while working hard, trying new experiences and realizing their contributions to others have a powerful impact.

Each group meets once a week for 3 hours after school. Tuition is $50/week and there are scholarships available.

Coaching – The coaching process will give you a chance to focus on what you really want out of life, and will help you break through whatever is holding you back.  Move from doing what you “should” do to what you “choose” to do.  Find freedom, peace and joy in making conscious choices rather than being tossed around by life.

Counseling – Stone Creek Ranch is partered with Stable Explorations Counseling to offer Equine Assisted Psychotherapy to those in our community who are struggling to function in life with grief and loss, trauma/PTSD, anxiety and depression, substance abuse, attention disorders, confidence, self esteem and anger.  Partnering with horses is a powerful way to heal from past wounds and explore the lessons and possibilities life has to offer.

By appointment, Scholarships available

Lessons – We offer traditional riding lessons in both western and english for beginner and intermediate riders. Students will learn to ride safely and correctly, while learning to understand the horse’s behavior and how to effectively cue the horse.  Basic training concepts are covered, with an emphasis on providing the best possible care for the horse.  Students are encouraged to spend time helping with chores to understand fully the commitment horses require, and to develop the work ethic and resilience that horsemen and women are known for.

Fearful Riders – Whether it is a new fear relating to an injury or bad experience, or an old fear that has been taking its toll for years, fear cuts into the joys of horsemanship for so many people. It can cause us to feel powerless, hopeless, experiencing guilt, self doubt, embarrassment and worry.  By combining coaching into our lesson program we can help riders find the joy of riding again.  Overcome what is holding you back, and let the horseman inside you shine through.

Help for those with Brain Injury – Since I (Michelle) experienced my long recovery from my mTBI in 2012 and 2013, I have wanted to offer respite for those who are in a similar situation.  The worry, stress and grief that comes with prolonged injury or illness takes its toll.  I want to help brain injured patients and their families who are experiencing anger, fear and grief, who want to learn to control worry, process anger, reduce stress, and support each other.  We have quiet peaceful areas where people can sit and enjoy nature in a way that is not overstimulating or stressful.  We can offer coaching and a listening ear those who are seeking help.  We want to help people to be able to enjoy life again, instead of just enduring it.  If you or someone you know could benefit from these services please contact me at