Stone Cr13248613_10209906738964387_3526871963981796610_oeek Ranch harvests around 40 acres of hay fields annually.  We raise both alfalfa and grass hay to feed to the horses here on the farm.  Each year we raise around 1000 bales more than we need and we sell the excess. This is quality horse hay, and because we have such a variety, we have hay suitable for your laminitic pony, or for your hard keeping Thoroughbreds.

We also raise quality grass fed beef. These cattle have 2 four acre pastures with a run in shed, some natural shelter, and a large stall in the barn for stormy weather.  They are not fed any grain, they grow very well on our rich pasture and leftover hay.  We treat our cattle with respect as we do our horses, and they are maintained in the most natural way possible, free from hormones or antibiotics to promote growth.